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2011-12-01 | Afghan Canada Goodbye

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The Canadian flag was hauled down the for last time in Kandahar on December 1st. The event -- during a ceremony at Kandahar Airfield -- marked the end of the country's military presence in the war-torn province. The task force of Canadian troops assigned to pack and move the army's combat gear had completed its job and would be out of the southern region by December 12th. Combat operations ceased in July and Lieutenant-General Stuart Beare, in charge of all of Canada's overseas forces, said the Americans would have Kandahar all to themselves. (Parliament mandated the army to be out of Kandahar by the end of 2011 after fighting a bitter guerrilla war with the Taliban for over five years.)

Date: 2011-12-01
Placeline: KANDAHAR, Afghanistan.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << do they may I miss us in terms of seeing the flag walking around calf the certainly Miss Tim Horton's it but frankly what we have done like what we have left behind not just what we've done what we left behind is it in there in the hands of Afghans it's and 1/2 in the hands of the many thousands of Coalition forces to come here since we got here in 2006 and they know we're still in the game I'm going to be doing it from the Kabul >>