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2012-05-10 | Subway Smoke Bombs

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Smoke bombs were set off at multiple points in Montreal's subway system on May 10th, cutting off service and creating a nightmarish morning rush-hour commute. There had been other interruptions to subway service as the city dealt with unwieldy student protests. Stranded subway user Marlene Bambonye said the delay was a hassle. (Four suspects were arrested in connection with the incident. Twenty-two-year-old Francois-Vivier Gagnon was released on bail after a dozen days in jail. Three young women arrested with him were also granted bail with a list of 19 conditions attached. Gagnon was charged with several offences, including perpetrating a terrorist hoax.)

Date: 2012-05-10
Placeline: MONTREAL, Quebec.
Source: The Canadian Press
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