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2012-07-25 | Meteorite Crater

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Canadian researchers confirmed July 25th they discovered a 25-kilometre-wide meteorite crater in the western Arctic. University of Saskatchewan professor Brian Platt said he and a colleague with the Geological Survey of Canada were mapping on Victoria Island in a helicopter two years ago when they noticed evidence of a crater. Platt said it took two years to properly confirm that it was a meteorite crater. (The crater is at least 130-million years old -- and could even be as old as 350-million years.)

Date: 2012-07-25
Placeline: SASKATOON, Saskatchewan.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I have to tell you it is the chances of finding it a new meteorite impact her are a once-in-a-lifetime thing so you can imagine we were absolutely thrilled that week that we were that we were the lucky ones >>