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2012-11-27 | Federal Byelxns

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The Conservative Party won two of three federal byelections on November 26th. Joan Crockatt narrowly captured Calgary Centre, while Erin O'Toole easily won Durham, Ontario, reclaiming the seat vacated by former cabinet minister Bev Oda. The seat was vacated when Oda resigned in July after a series of spending and expense controversies. O'Toole said strong legwork and a positive message carried him to victory. (Murray Rankin held on to Victoria, BC for the NDP.)

Date: 2012-11-27
Placeline: BOWMANVILLE, Ontario.
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Transcript Prediction: << we knocked on over 20,000 doors we reached out and every way we spoke positively about the issues we did not engage in some of the tactics others did and there's a great track record to talk about Canada is leading the developed world and growth and we're trying to keep the lid on taxes at a time people are type people respect that >>