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2013-06-20 | Weather Alberta Flooding

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As rain-swollen rivers burst their banks across southern Alberta, more than a dozen towns declared states of emergency, with entire communities including High River and Bragg Creek under mandatory evacuation orders. Randy Livie (LIV'-ee) went to High River to help a friend and barely escaped. (On June 29th, some five-thousand residents of High River were allowed back home after authorities had ordered all 13-thousand residents to leave when the Highwood River burst its banks.)

Date: 2013-06-20
Placeline: HIGH RIVER, Alberta.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I had to turn around and made her all the way to the bridge within 5 minutes of me being down there I had to turn around and it was over my hood to get out there's a jeep that went in front of me and he stalled out a minivan went in front of me he stalled out this other car he came in and he started floating away he bailed out he had crutches on he bailed out of his vehicle to truck pulled up and helped him out and he has his wild down there >>