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2013-10-18 | Green Party Laraque Charges

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Former hockey tough guy Georges Laraque said he was stepping down as deputy leader of the federal Green Party and as a candidate for the party in a Montreal-area byelection so he could fight fraud charges. Party Leader Elizabeth May called it a sad day and hoped she would be able to welcome him back soon. The fraud charges filed against Laraque were in relation to the "Super-Glide" synthetic ice venture he co-founded in 2009.

Date: 2013-10-18
Placeline: MONTREAL, Quebec.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I have complete confidence in Georgia's innocence I find these charges unfortunate obviously I hope that they will that the judicial authorities will move quickly to clear his name we obviously hope that is quickly as possible at perhaps even during the. Of the by-election you can return to his role as candidate here as well as Deputy leader the party >>