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2013-11-10 | Ont Plane Crash

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On November 10th, five people were killed in a plane crash in northwestern Ontario. The Bearskin Airlines turboprop crashed and burst into flames as it approached the airport at Red Lake, about 270 kilometers north of Kenora. Sergeant Rob McDonough of the Ontario Provincial Police said two people survived the crash and subsequent fire. (Three of the deceased were from Red Lake and Mayor Phil Vinet said the loss left residents with a heavy heart.)

Date: 2013-11-10
Placeline: THUNDER BAY, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 14 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << the one male was actually the one that called us to report the crash he was able to pull the the woman out of the wreckage prior to becoming fully engulfed in flames and he pulled her to safety >>