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2013-11-20 | Dejaeger

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Former northern priest Eric Dejaeger (deh-YAY'-guhr) pleaded guilty in a Nunavut courtroom on November 18th to eight of 76 sex-related charges he faced involving Inuit children. Dejaeger (deh-YAY'-guhr) was posted to the remote community of Igloolik, Nunavut, between 1978 and 1982. Canadian Press reporter Bob Weber covered the trial and described how one witness said she was treated when she tried to report the abuse to a relative. (Dejaeger was supposed to be tried in 1995 for accusations stemming from his time as an Oblate priest in the tiny Arctic hamlet of Igloolik, but he left for his Belgian homeland. He was sent back by that country in 2011 after it was discovered he was living there illegally.)

Date: 2013-11-20
Placeline: IQALUIT, Nunavut.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << perhaps the saddest moment of the whole morning's testimony came when she described how she went home and she tried to tell her grandmother about what had happened to her in her grandmother was it was very strong Church woman and refuse to believe her and in fact beat the young woman up for for telling her story about how she just been raped by a priest >>