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2014-02-28 | Protecteur Fire

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An engine room fire left HMCS Protecteur adrift in the Pacific with no propulsion awaiting a tugboat from Hawaii. Twenty people sustained minor injuries. The 44-year-old supply ship was returning to its home port of Esquimalt, British Columbia when the blaze broke out. It had 279 crew, 17 family members and two civilian contractors aboard. Commodore Bob Auchterloinie (AWHK'-tur-loh-nee), the commander of the Canadian Pacific fleet, described the incident. (Protecteur arrived in Pearl Harbor on March 6th.)

Date: 2014-02-28
Placeline: CFB ESQUIMALT, British Columbia.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 21 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << there were some injuries sustained minor injuries sustained on board those members have been treated by the staff on board the ship and at this point the ship is I currently stopped in the water about 340 nautical miles they said that 630 km to the north of Hawaii at this point is there a assessing post damage what the impacts are the chips at propulsion system >>