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2014-03-18 | Flaherty Resigns

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Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, appointed to the key economic post when the Conservative government first came to power in 2006, announced he was leaving the federal cabinet to prepare for a return to the private sector. In 2013, he revealed he was suffering from a rare and painful skin condition but continued on despite the side effects of the potent steroids to treat it. Canadian Press reporter Terry Pedwell said Flaherty's resignation was unrelated to his health problems. (Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver was named Flaherty's successor. Flaherty died suddenly on April 10th.)

Date: 2014-03-18
Placeline: OTTAWA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << Jim Flaherty's been struggling with health challenges over the last year but says he's on the road to a full recovery in fact he says the decision to leave politics is unrelated to his health but is instead simply the right decision for him and his family >>