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2014-05-28 | Dallaire Quitting Senate

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Liberal Senator Romeo Dallaire, a career soldier best known in Canada as the former commander of the UN's ill-fated peacekeeping mission in Rwanda, announced he was resigning from the upper chamber to focus attention on a growing portfolio of international humanitarian work. Dallaire said coming from war-time housing in east-end Montreal, where there were seven oil refineries, his time as a Senator had been an incredible experience.

Date: 2014-05-28
Placeline: OTTAWA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << to be able to come to this building and say that I am a participant in the process of governance of this country from that background in fact I've never gotten over it every time I come up there and still I can't believe that I actually have an office in this building >>