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2015-02-03 | WEA Maritimes Storms

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A heavy snowfall over New Brunswick has prompted a local state of emergency in Saint John. The storm dumped 29 centimetres of snow on the city -- adding to the almost 100 centimetres already on the ground. Mayor Mel Norton says the state of emergency allows the city to impose a parking ban to allow crews to try to clear the snow from narrow streets. (Norton says the major concern is ensuring that emergency vehicles have access to homes and businesses. A storm forecast for Thursday night could bring another 15 to 25 centimetres of snow to southern New Brunswick.)

Date: 2015-02-03
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << you wouldn't know it by looking at the amount of snow but in the last 48 hours or so we've removed about a thousand dump truck loads just from this area of the city and so the crews have been working non-stop overtime 16-hour days >>