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2015-02-05 | Big City Mayors

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Jobs and transit will be on the agenda today as the mayors of Canada's largest cities come together in Toronto. Nineteen mayors -- including Toronto's John Tory, Vancouver's Gregor Robertson and Calgary's Naheed (nah-HED') Nenshi -- are set to attend the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference. Tory says the big city leaders share many challenges -- like the need for more steady support from Ottawa. (The newly elected leader of Canada's largest city says it's important the mayors present a united front in dealing with the federal government.)

Date: 2015-02-05
Placeline: TORONTO.
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Transcript Prediction: << if there's been a challenge in this country and it's been going back many years is not confined to any one government or any one point in time it's been that the federal government has not been a consistent predictable part in a building out the kind of public transit that we need to attract jobs in a decimal >>