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2015-02-10 | Ice Climber Missing

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The parents of a missing search-and-rescue technician buried in deep snow on a mountain in Alberta say he died doing what he loved most. Sergeant Mark Salesse (sal-ESS') was training with others when an avalanche swept him off the Polar Circus ice-climbing route in Banff National Park on Thursday. Salesse's mother, Liz Quinn says she was aware of what had happened but didn't want to face the truth. (Quinn says her son spent 25 years in the Canadian Forces serving his country and describes him as a gentle soul.)

Date: 2015-02-10
Placeline: MONCTON.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << it didn't come as a surprise but it was something I was really trying not to hear I didn't want to hear it I didn't want to I had hope I really really had Hope from the bottom of my heart that if anybody was going to survive this it was going to be mark >>