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2015-02-15 | School Demolition

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The Opposition New Democrat representative for the remote Vancouver Island community of Alert Bay says she applauds the decision to demolish the former St. Michael's Indian Residential School building that once saw thousands of north coast aboriginal sent there where many faced physical and sexual abuse. Claire Trevena says the empty building loomed like a dark cloud over the community and served as a constant reminder to the many people who went there. (The Anglican Church run school building has been in Alert Bay since Nineteen-Thirty. It officially closed as a residential school in Nineteen-Seventy-Five.)

Date: 2015-02-15
Placeline: VICTORIA.
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Transcript Prediction: << it's almost like a Victorian prison like how to have a wood house out of a Twist or something I ate just sit it Looms in the community and blooms in the consciousness of people who lift that whose family is where it was sent that >>