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2015-02-20 | Ottawa Triple Homicide

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A man facing charges in the alleged robbery of an elderly war veteran heads to court today with an even darker legal cloud on the horizon -- one that at least one expert says has tainted the case against him.

Date: 2015-02-20
Placeline: OTTAWA.
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Transcript Prediction: << yew bush is scheduled to be in an Ottawa Court charged with attempted murder and other offenses in a home invasion robbery last December. Case on its own garnered national attention involving an assault against the 101 year old military veteran just weeks after the death of Two Soldiers at the hands of loan attackers but the spotlight in Bush intensified after a number of media Outlets reported he is also being investigated over a triple homicide that until recently had dumped police now questions are being raised about whether Bush can get a fair trial on the assault charges he's currently facing having been painted in the Public's eye as a suspected serial killer Terrapin really Canadian press Ottawa >>