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2015-02-24 | Mystery Tunnel

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Toronto police say they still don't know who built a mysterious tunnel found near a Pan Am Games site or why they built it. Deputy Chief Mark Saunders was asked why officers didn't stake out the tunnel in a bid to learn who constructed it. (Saunders says even though the extensive tunnel, which had a generator, lights and a sump pump has been filled in, their forensic investigation is continuing. He says police also found a set of rosary beads with a Remembrance Day poppy attached to it.)

Date: 2015-02-24
Placeline: TORONTO.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << part of the reason why I'm doing this today is because we knew that media was aware of this and at some point in time it was going to be released I wanted to get in front of it and I had we had more time we have done a full investigation we're not done with the forensic aspect of this investigation yet but when we're done we will be able to give her a more Folsom account as to what our findings are >>