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2015-03-04 | Phoney Soldier

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A Quebec man accused of impersonating a Canadian soldier has pleaded guilty to unlawfully wearing a military uniform and medals. But two charges against Franck Gervais of personating a public officer have been dropped. Outside the Ottawa courthouse, Gervais's lawyer Claude Levesque said his client feels remorse for what he has done. (Gervais came into the public spotlight when he was interviewed, while wearing a military uniform along with a medal of bravery and other decorations, on Remembrance Day 2014 near the National War Memorial. Almost immediately after the interview was aired, questions were raised by a number of veterans about Gervais' identity, and whether he was actually a soldier. In fact, the 32-year-old Gervais was not a member of the Canadian Forces. He is to be sentenced May 11th.)

Date: 2015-03-04
Placeline: OTTAWA.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << my client apologizes for his action he never wanted to to disrespect the men women and wear the uniform before I word worn the uniform and their sacrifice and put out the apologizes >>