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2015-03-09 | Liver Transplant

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A three-year-old Kingston, Ontario girl is back home after receiving part of her father's liver in a transplant surgery, while her twin sister is still waiting for a donor to be found. The girls' father, Michael Wagner, says Phuoc (FOO'-awk) left the Toronto General Hospital on Friday -- about a month after the surgery -- and is back home playing with her family like a healthy little girl. (The twin girls suffer from Alagille (ah-lah-GZEEL') syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects vital organs and can be fatal.)

Date: 2015-03-09
Placeline: KINGSTON, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << it's it's like it's never happened you know she's she's back in the house she's playing is that she's always played she gets nervous around anyone touching her stomach that that gives a bit of beer but then she know we have the home care nurse come in and if they think it's always happened >>