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2015-03-11 | Manitoba NDP Leadership

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Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger is not extending any olive branches to NDP rebels who almost ousted him last weekend. Selinger has parted ways with three staff members who had worked on the campaign of his main opponent, Theresa Oswald. Selinger says people were free to support whomever they wanted to, but he has responsibilities. (Selinger has yet to speak directly with Oswald or Steve Ashton, who finished third in the leadership race. And, he's offering no guarantees that his opponents will be back in cabinet at some point. Selinger captured 51 per cent of delegate votes at a convention last weekend that followed a caucus revolt.)

Date: 2015-03-11
Placeline: WINNIPEG.
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Transcript Prediction: << I mean we have some people have civil rights but we also have an organization to run and everybody wants to find the best way to do that >>