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2015-03-16 | Cda US Border Deal

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Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh (JAY) Johnson signed a pre-clearance customs agreement during a ceremony in Washington today. Johnson says the document designed to ease congestion at the US border is one of the most significant, visible and anticipated products of the "Beyond the Border" initiative. (The arrangement would allow US customs agents into Canada and vice versa so that they can screen passengers away from the border -- a system that is already used at eight Canadian airports.)

Date: 2015-03-16
Placeline: WASHINGTON.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << this is a major achievement that will produce significant benefits for the United States and Canada this agreement means that for the first time preclearance of Travelers and trade is available in all modes of transportation land rail marine and hair between our two countries >>