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2015-03-18 | Harper Guns

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper says it's absurd to suggest Canada is on the road to an American-style system of gun ownership. Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair and others pounced on remarks Harper made recently in Saskatchewan, in which he said people who don't live close to police stations keep guns for a "certain level of security." Harper says Canadians across the country have owned guns for years for security and other purposes without resorting to vigilantism. (Harper is denouncing his critics as confused rabble rousers who don't like gun owners.)

Date: 2015-03-18
Placeline: TORONTO.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the choice here is a moderate Canadian proposal it's obviously we're not Auntie Antigone on her but neither is anyone in this country ever proposed anyone of any sacher including this guy ever proposed that we would go to an American System no one is proposing any such thing >>