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2015-03-30 | Cda Retail Future

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The NDP is attempting to link federal government policies with the closure of dozens of Future Shop stores over the weekend. While it may be cold comfort to the 15-hundred people losing their jobs as a result, finance Minister Joe Oliver told the House of Commons today that the Conservative government has been creating jobs. (Analysts say Future Shop's sudden demise shows how the retail industry is evolving. Bruce Winder of the J-C Williams Group says brick-and-mortar retailers will need to create engaging shopping experiences to survive as more and more people shop online.)

Date: 2015-03-30
Placeline: OTTAWA.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 23 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << the global economy remains fragile our government is focused on creating jobs growth and economic prosperity and since the depths of the recession we created 1.2 net million jobs in the Canadian economy and we will continue our low tax plan for jobs and growth >>