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2015-03-30 | Saskatchewan Seniors Care

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A Saskatchewan care aide says he is left alone at times on his night shift to look after 32 residents on a dementia ward. Peter Bowden (BO'-den), who works at the Oliver Lodge home in Saskatoon, says residents are at risk of skin infections because they are left in soiled diapers and bedding for hours. He says there needs to be an increase in staff at the home. (An ombudsman's investigation began in November into alleged cases of neglect at long-term care homes.)

Date: 2015-03-30
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Transcript Prediction: << several to cry at night Monday. Uncomfortable some to stay awake and on that stare at the ceiling which is not uncommon for for for dementia that's what they do a butt it can I probably will lead to skin breakdown if anyone gets the skin breakdown Infuse you with that sentence..... Point >>