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2015-04-01 | Wynne Indiana

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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is criticizing Indiana's new religious freedom law, which critics say is being used to discriminate against same-sex couples. Wynne -- who is openly gay -- says the law is being used to divide people when governments have a responsibility to bring them together. (Republican Governor Mike Pence insists Indiana's religious freedom law does not give businesses the right to discriminate against same-sex couples, but that's exactly what many critics believe it does.)

Date: 2015-04-01
Placeline: TORONTO.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << let me just say it's completely unacceptable to me. In the 21st century such a discriminator discriminatory law would be in place that it would be used to divide people into create the kind of hostility that that obviously is being engender >>