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2015-04-09 | Ont PC Leadership

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There are now just two candidates hoping to become leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservatives after London-area MPP Monte McNaughton withdrew today. McNaughton says he threw his support to Barrie MP Patrick Brown because rival Christine Elliott represents the party establishment that has lost the last four elections. (Elliott says Tories now have a choice between her positive, pragmatic and progressive vision versus Brown, whom she called an untested candidate with nothing more to offer than a life served as a career politician.)

Date: 2015-04-09
Placeline: LONDON, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I believe that we need an agent of change from in the PC party I don't want to see the same people that have been running campaigns for the last 20 years run the election campaign in 2018 we will have another devastating a result >>