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2015-04-14 | Saskatchewan Smart Meters

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The Saskatchewan government says its Crown utility has maintained customer confidence in the wake of a failed smart-meter program that led to 10 of the devices overheating and melting. Last summer, the province ordered the utility to remove more than 100-thousand of the newer models of smart meters that had been installed after reports of fires related to the devices. Economy Minister Bill Boyd says Sask-Power was fortunate there was no loss of life or significant property damage when smart meters overheated. (Boyd's comments come as Sask-Power releases its annual report.)

Date: 2015-04-14
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Transcript Prediction: << by and large I think that people still have a high level of confidence in South Powers ability to provide electricity safely to them even though there has been challenges I still think that we don't get a lot of people that are interested in you know I'm moving away and in a fashion >>