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2015-04-16 | HKN Jets Fans

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It's not just local Winnipeg Jets fans who will be keeping an eye tonight on the team's first playoff game since relocating from Atlanta in 2011. Some hometown fans of the former Atlanta Thrashers are watching familiar names such as Dustin Byfuglien (BUFF'-lin), Andrew Ladd and Ondrej Pavelec (AHN'-dray PAH'-vah-letch) take a run at the Stanley Cup in Jets colours. One of them, Chris Ciovacco (shuh-VAK'-oh), says there are mixed emotions for some fans. (Ciovacco runs a Facebook page dedicated to Thrashers fans.)

Date: 2015-04-16
Placeline: ATLANTA.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 11 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << those are people that care a lot about hockey and they they still hurting that we lost her NHL Franchise to yourself >>