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2015-04-17 | Duffy Trial

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The trial of Mike Duffy on charges including fraud and bribery has wrapped up its second week with testimony from a journalist friend of the suspended senator. (Duffy has pleaded not guilty to all 31 charges he faces.)

Date: 2015-04-17
Placeline: OTTAWA.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the court heard that after Mike Duffy was appointed in 2009 he grew more and more concerned about what people were saying about him online so we asked friend and his story and Mark bori for advice on what to do for his answer get a lawyer so Duffy did the next best thing it seems when he said breweries lawyer wife a check for $500 every says the check was never cashed because his wife didn't do any work but then another check materialized this time in Voorhees named Eddie cashed it both checks came from a company owned by a former TV colleague of Duffy's one of two companies the crown alleges were used to circumvent Senate expense rules Canadian press Ottawa >>