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2015-04-28 | Saskatchewan Care Aide

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The Opposition in Saskatchewan says the government leaked information about a care aides employment record because it was quote "politically convenient." Peter Bowden (BOH-dihn), who works at a Saskatoon seniors care home, was suspended with pay last week. He told reporters earlier this month that residents at Oliver Lodge were at risk of skin infections because they were left in soiled diapers and bedding for up to 10 hours. Premier Brad Wall says there was no leak and the information about Bowdens suspension was shared with media as background. (NDP Leader Cam Broten (BROH-ten) says a government email notifying reporters about the suspension was a breach of privacy.)

Date: 2015-04-28
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Transcript Prediction: << I'm comfortable with the actions that we take it that I took because we wanted to make sure that healthcare workers had an assurance that they could come forward without any implications and it mr. Bowden is facing workplace disciplinary issues potentially not because he came forward but for other reasons >>