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2015-05-01 | Alberta Elxn Mulcair

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Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is praising his Alberta counterpart for her campaign, saying that Rachel Notley has a superb vision for how to help people in their daily lives. His comments come the day after Premier Jim Prentice told party faithful at a Tory fundraising dinner that Albertans don't need a pipeline policy that resembles the one advocated by Mulcair. Mulcair says Notley's campaign has appealed to the middle class. (Mulcair has been a polarizing figure on pipelines in Alberta, saying he opposes lines that ship raw product for refining abroad rather than trying to build upgrader jobs in Canada. Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley has said her party would fight for pipeline approval for projects that have a realistic chance of success.)

Date: 2015-05-01
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Transcript Prediction: << we couldn't be prouder of the campaign the Rachel notley in the NDP team have been running in Alberta very positive upbeat campaign that's resonating well with people press it shows that the NDP approached at taking care of people making sure lights more affordable for the middle class is an approach that people really want and across the country we're seeing them >>