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2015-05-02 | CRIME Lise Thibault

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The lawyer for former Quebec lieutet-governor Lise Thibault says she should not have to pay the entire 430-thousand dollars being sought by the Crown. Thibault pleaded guilty to fraud and breach of trust charges and sentencing arguments have begun in Quebec City. Lawyer Marc Labelle has asked Judge Carol St-Cyr to reduce the reimbursement amount and give the 76-year-old Thibault a sentence to be served in the community. Labelle also says his client, who's in a wheelchair, wants to remain in her home. (Thibault was charged after a joint report filed by former provincial auditor general Renaud Lachance and his federal counterpart at the time, Sheila Fraser.)

Date: 2015-05-02
Placeline: QUEBEC CITY.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << people are treating her as a thief and she prefers to stay in her home she's quite isolated from my understanding she prefers to stay in her house then to go and and and then go places and the you know from names and then and she she really has a hard time coping with people >>