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2015-05-07 | Duffy Trial

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Documents filed at Mike Duffy's trial show that a veteran Senate employee sounded the alarm about the lack of clear residency rules but was ignored by a Conservative-controlled committee.

Date: 2015-05-07
Placeline: OTTAWA.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << senior audit advisor Jill and Joseph told the RCMP she did an internal review in 2013 to see if Senators held documentation from The Province they represented she says when she told a special Senate subcommittee there was a lack of clear criteria around residency her opinion was dismissed Joseph told the RCMP she was so disenchanted by the way conservative controlled committees were handling the issue she considered leaving her job the transcript of an interview was filed in court as part of a dispute between the Senate and Mike Duffy's defense over the admissibility of Joseph's review Stephanie Levitt the Canadian press Ottawa >>