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2015-05-11 | Saskatchewan Hospital Overcrowding

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The family of a woman who was sent home from hospital and died from a brain bleed says Saskatchewan's health-care system is broken. Theresa Surbey (SIR'-bee) Blair says her parents were brought to a Saskatoon hospital's emergency department after a car accident in June 2014. She says her 84-year-old mother received poor care, and later suffered a brain bleed that would lead to her death three days after the accident. (Health Minister Dustin Duncan says there is a comprehensive review underway to look at the case.)

Date: 2015-05-11
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Transcript Prediction: << my parents who've just been in a severe accident myself as a daughter, I'm anxious to do with my parents we shouldn't be deciding whether CT scan takes place or not we go into emergency care expecting to be cared for we shouldn't be the ones that have to keep a calm cool head >>