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2015-05-13 | Mayerthorpe Mounties Parole

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A man convicted for his role in the shooting deaths of four Mounties in rural Alberta has been granted full parole. Shawn Hennessey, along with his brother-in-law Dennis Cheeseman, pleaded guilty to manslaughter for giving James Roszko (ROSS'-koh) a gun and a ride to Roszko's farm near Mayerthorpe in 2005. Cheeseman was freed two years ago. Colleen Myrol (MYE'-rahl), the mother of one of the slain officers, Constable Brock Myrol, says she was with her husband when they heard about Hennessey's release. (The board says Hennessey has been functioning well since he was allowed to live in a halfway house last fall. The 35-year-old told the board he is a changed man and thinks about the dead officers and their families every day.)

Date: 2015-05-13
Placeline: RED DEER, Alberta.
Source: The Canadian Press
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