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2015-05-20 | BC LNG Petronas

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Opposition NDP Leader John Horgan says Premier Christy Clark's government is working to please Malaysian energy giant Petronas while leaving the scraps for British Columbians in an effort to secure a liquefied natural gas deal. Horgan says today's deal setting terms for a development agreement between the government and Petronas is short on details for taxpayers. (Clark says today's memorandum is a step towards a 36-billion-dollar investment in jobs and revenues for B-C.)

Date: 2015-05-20
Placeline: VICTORIA.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << it appears to me that the creamer and the BC liberals have been working hard to meet the needs of Patronus or text or not but they have been working hard to meet the needs of British Columbians there's no set job guarantees and this document there's no clear understanding of what the return to taxpayers is going to be in the long-term where are the deals with First Nations where's the environmental certificate >>