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2015-05-21 | NS MV Miner Leak

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The Nova Scotia government says about 800 litres of oil was collected after a leak from the wreckage of the M-V Miner off Scaterie Island on Sunday. Transportation Minister Geoff MacLellan says no heavy oil got past containment booms and the lobster fishery in the area was not affected. He says the oil leaked as an engine was being removed from the vessel. (MacLellan says it appears a small portion of the oil leaked into the water although the exact amount isn't known.)

Date: 2015-05-21
Placeline: HALIFAX.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << cutaway particular section cheer to put the two while pulled back there was one particular pipe that was seeping the oil so in total inside that compartment was 800 >>