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2015-05-22 | Harper Quebec

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Prime Minister Harper, who has been focusing on the economy and security, dropped in on a riding in eastern Quebec that the NDP narrowly won by only nine votes in the last federal election. The Conservatives are hoping to recapture it this fall. They only have five MPs in the province.

Date: 2015-05-22
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Transcript Prediction: << the Prime Minister visit at the small town of Betsy soda mad the writing in which it's located is famous for being the final conservative sheet to phone to the MVP during the 2011 election polls suggest the new Democrats still hold the lead in support in Quebec with a liberals in second place the choices for voters in the next campaign are going to be I think fairly Stark during his stopover Harper reiterated that he will not take part in a national English debate that would be broadcast by the major TV networks Peter write the Canadian press >>