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2015-06-02 | WEA Summer Outlook

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Summer officially arrives at 12:38 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time June 21st. The Weather Network is offering some hints about what to expect from the Summer of 2015.

Date: 2015-06-02
Placeline: TORONTO.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << looks like little change from the summer of 2014 chief meteorologist Chris God says it'll mean unusually balmy temperatures for be seeing the territory or Cassius and so Sunny for Ontario and Quebec or such as temperatures are expected to be cooler than seasonal Norms overall bothan Prairie at Atlantic provinces forecast to see summer temperatures with seasonal averages with Alberta trending slightly warmer. Predicts average to below average precipitation across the country noting that Atlantic Canada's typically active hurricane season is shaping up to be quieter than normal from a Canadian press I'm Jerry Smith >>