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2015-06-03 | Parliament Hill Shooting

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An Ontario Provincial Police report into the October 2014 attack on Parliament Hill shows RCMP officers were in a position to stop Michael Zehaf Bibeau before he entered Centre Block, but did not. The report says a sequence of events prevented security from stopping Zehaf Bibeau from getting into Parliament's Centre Block, everything from an officer trying to get a civilian out of her car to a missed opportunity to alert others that the gunman was heading there. Assistant RCMP Commissioner Gilles Michaud says at one point, an officer called in the threat, and a description of a car Zehaf Bibeau had commandeered, but the message was garbled. (The report also says the RCMP's ability to protect Parliament Hill has been stretched in recent years because of resource issues. It recommends dozens of changes to security on the Hill, some of which have already been made.)

Date: 2015-06-03
Placeline: OTTAWA.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 68 seconds

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