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2015-06-25 | Que Language Spat

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The mayor of a suburb near Montreal says she's been threatened online after complaining about bilingual interventions at council meetings by an opposition councillor in her predominantly Francophone town. Caroline St-Hiliaire's comments on Facebook about counterpart Robert Myles drew the ire of some readers. Police are investigating the alleged threats, but Myles says he's going to keep using English. (St-Hilaire, a former Bloc Quebecois MP, says she won't stand for bullying and she is calling on citizens to avoid disrespectful and hateful comments.)

Date: 2015-06-25
Placeline: LONGUEUIL, Quebec.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << important that we have both languages are both official languages French first and English Opera Mega said we're very proud >>