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2015-06-30 | CRIME Ponzi Scheme

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Two men convicted in a multimillion dollar Ponzi schemes are to be sentenced in a Calgary court on July 28th. Milowe Brost and Gary Sorenson were convicted of the fraud in February. Crown prosecutor Brian Holtby says the victims have suffered terrible losses but hopefully this will help them cope. (The Crown wants the two men sentenced to 14 years in prison. The defence say it should be 10 years.)

Date: 2015-06-30
Placeline: CALGARY.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I think it'll be some consolation but it's certainly not going to allow them to put this behind them they're going to have to come to terms with it themselves or go really isn't too consoled I'm all the way want that to happen our goal is to deter it from happening again >>