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2015-06-30 | Ebola Canada Mission Ends

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Canadian military medical personnel are coming home from Sierra Leone after a 6 month mission to help combat Ebola. lieutColonel Colleen Forestier (FORE'-Est-YAY') was task force commander for Operation Sirona, which saw Armed Forces medical staff help operate a British-run Ebola treatment unit at Kerry Town. She explains not all the cases cared for there had Ebola virus disease or EVD. (With the sharp decline in Ebola cases in Sierra Leone, the British government told Canada it no longer needed extra help to run the Kerry Town treatment unit. Forestier says the Canadian military personnel gained valuable experience during the mission.)

Date: 2015-06-30
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << despite the numbers dropping very rapidly healthcare workers were still having symptoms that resembles DVD not all of them that came to Carytown treatment units did get diagnosed with EVD didn't have symptoms that look very similar at the outset and get diagnosed with something else but the facility did continue to fill that Niche and requirements >>