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2015-07-11 | Ontario Fireranger BC

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Burning trees, thick smoke and lots of heat are all part of the job for a group of Ontario firefighters battling a massive blaze in British Columbia. Fire ranger Vincent Carriere says he and his crew are seeing a lot of activity as they fight a large fire. The 22-year-old is one of a crew of 21 fire rangers from Ontario that began work Thursday helping fight the Boulder Creek wild fire north of Whistler. (Carriere says he and his team are helping prevent the fire from spreading to a hydro electric camp that was evacuated on July 4th.)

Date: 2015-07-11
Placeline: PEMBERTON, British Columbia.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 11 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << it's exciting you can really feel the intensity and it brings wind shift so you could feel that and sometimes it feels too real >>