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2015-07-14 | Saskatchewan Wildfires

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Thousands of fire evacuees in Saskatchewan are anxious to return home, but officials are urging them to be patient and ignore rumours. They say word on social media that an evacuation order will soon be lifted for Montreal Lake is incorrect. Duane McKay with Emergency Management says staff is working to determine which communities are no longer at risk. (Officials say there has been some rain in the north but not enough to change the size or scope of the wildfires. About 13-thousand people remain out of their homes in 50 communities due to a higher than average number of fires and hazardous smoke.)

Date: 2015-07-14
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Transcript Prediction: << do we continue to work with with local leaders to look at the making sure that can be either safe if you recognize that before people can we occupy a community and return to normal that we have to have all of those services that are required in place >>