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2015-07-16 | Beef Recall Lawsuit

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A settlement has been reached in a class-action lawsuit filed over an E. coli outbreak and the largest meat recall in Canadian history. The lawsuit is against X-L Foods, which operated a meat-packing plant in southern Alberta during the tainted beef recall in 2012. Calgary lawyer Clint Docken says the four-million-dollar agreement is subject to court approval this fall. (Docken says there will be compensation for those who became ill, provincial health-care providers who cared for them and for people who were forced to throw away meat during the recall.)

Date: 2015-07-16
Placeline: CALGARY.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we reached an agreement on the on the class-action subject to go to court approval where class members will potentially receive compensation and the settlement has a number of components >>