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2015-07-16 | Manitoba UFO Sightings

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A new report suggests UFO sightings in Manitoba are older than the province itself. Ufology Research, based in Winnipeg, says there have been just over two-thousand reports of unidentified flying objects in Manitoba over the past 200 years. Researcher Chris Rutkowski says records from the government, the RCMP and the United States show Manitoba has a long history of sightings. (Rutkowski says the earliest documented encounter came from two explorers in northern Manitoba 1792, who say they saw several bizarre meteors crash into the ice.)

Date: 2015-07-16
Placeline: WINNIPEG.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << that doesn't mean that the aliens are invading Canada and anyway but it simply means that there are unusual reports of things in the sky and it shows that people are persistent over the years >>