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2015-07-20 | BC Police Shooting

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An independent technology analyst says the fatal police shooting of a man connected to the international hackers' organization Anonymous has set the stage for a hike in online attacks across Canada. Carmi Levy (CAR-mee LEAVE-ee) says the group has increasingly focused its activism on Canada over the past several months. It most recently claimed responsibility for shutting down two RCMP websites after police in Dawson Creek, B-C killed a man Anonymous claimed as one of its own. Levy says Anonymous promising to identify the officer involved escalates the group's threat to unprecedented levels in Canada. (The province's police watchdog says investigators are in Dawson Creek and that they have seized a knife. The Mounties say the man was shot after he refused to relinquish a weapon.)

Date: 2015-07-20
Placeline: LONDON, ONT.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 18 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << we do ourselves a disservice by assuming that Anonymous will always act in support of pure Justice Anonymous wants to be perceived as as an organization that seeks some form of Justice yet at the same time it is not above Shifting the rules to fit its own name >>