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2015-07-20 | NS James Melvin

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A Halifax man accused of first-degree murder in a six-year-old cold case will return to court in September. Jimmy Melvin Jr. did not appear during a brief hearing in a Halifax provincial courtroom today. Defence lawyer Pat MacEwen wouldn't comment on whether Melvin would apply for bail. (Melvin is accused of fatally shooting Terry Marriott Jr. in February 2009. Police have also laid an attempted murder charge against Melvin in connection with an alleged incident in 2008 involving Marriott.)

Date: 2015-07-20
Placeline: HALIFAX.
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Transcript Prediction: << we received very little information at this point in time I would say that I've got about 10 pages of information that from the Crown's afternoon I expect will be a considerable amount of the disclosure on its way but once I have an opportunity to review that will decide what we going to do next >>