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2015-07-22 | BC Wildfires Clark

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A fire burning in B-C Premier Christy Clark's own riding prompted a visit from her today. The Westside Road fire is burning out of control and has forced residents in 70 homes near the blaze to evacuate. The price of fighting the fires in B-C has reached 136 million dollars and continues to climb, but Clark says that's not what worries her most. (Several dozen fires have been started in B-C's tinder dry forests in the last two days, mostly caused by lightning.)

Date: 2015-07-22
Placeline: WEST KELOWNA.
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Transcript Prediction: << I am mostly concerned that we are going to have a lot that the forest fire season won't get it and give us a break and that we're going to see more homes threatened more people's livelihood threatened for Forest resources lost I mean that's my number one concern is the fact that the fires are so threatening for the province >>